Opening hours:   10:00–22:00

For relaxation in private, we offer two Finnish saunas with a temperature of 85°C to 95°C and a capacity for two to seven people. 

The chateau private sauna features a cosy lounge room with a seating area and relaxing beds for your maximum comfort.  An ice pool or showers are available to cool the heated body.
Delicious snacks of our chateau cuisine, refreshing alcoholic and soft drinks can be ordered and brought to the wellness zones any time by simple calling the intercom.
A visit to the private sauna can be combined with relaxation in a private whirlpool bath or a massage parlour.


The effect of heat in the private sauna leads to perfusion of the skin and opening of pores, from which toxins are washed away with sweat.
Thanks to the unique composition of our exfoliating scrubs, the body gets rid of harmful substances from the deeper layers, and at the same time the skin absorbs healing and beautifying substances contained in salt and honey scrubs.
The aromatic components of the scrubs will ensure that the sauna visit is in harmony with care for the body and spirit.


They provide moisturizing effects and regeneration care to your skin, leaving it soft like velvet. They are enriched with natural fragrances that will accompany you long after application. There is no need to wash the sauna butters. They soak into your skin splendidly.

Organic cranberry with blackberry 
Organic cedar with citrus 


Honey is referred to as a natural panacea with beneficial effects. Body honey with essential oil nourishes, softens and cleanses the skin. The skin remains soft and smooth so long after the application.



Himalayan salt scrubs perfectly rid skin of dead cells, promote detoxification and enhance blood circulation. As a result, the skin is smoothed, firmed and cleaned of harmful deposits.

Organic cranberry with blackberry 
Organic cedar with citrus 

Sauna cosmetics package for 1 person is 49 CZK; bed linen is included in the price.

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