Infinit Na zámku

Do I need to make a reservation beforehand?

In our center we have private services that need to be booked in advance. We recommend min. 1-​2 days in advance, 3 to 4 days in advance for weekends.

Where can I park?

Parking is free, right in front of the entrance to the wellness area or around the hotel.

Do you accept payment via various benefit companies?

Yes, we accept the following: Relax Pass, Focus Pass, Gift Pass, Bonus Pass or Flexi Pass, Unišek, Unišek +, Unišek + FKSP, Cadhoc, Edenred Multi, Edenred Sport & Culture, EdenredCompliments, Cafeteria BENEFITY, BENEFIT PLUS or Infinit gift vouchers.

We also accept Flexi Pass CARD, eBenefits card, or Edenred Benefits card.

Can I rent the wellness for a private event?

Yes, the zones can be booked separately or you can book the entire wellness area with massages. The combination of two private zones (private whirlpool and sauna) is suitable for 2 to 15 people. Combining all four private zones, massage rooms and bar, you get a unique wellness center for up to 35 people - more here.

What is the Infinit card+ and what are its benefits?

Infinit Card + is a credit card with which you get a discounted entrance fee. You can get the IK + for free. The only condition for membership is a minimum deposit of 2000 CZK. It takes only a few minutes to get the card, just fill in the basic information and the card will be yours. More information HERE.

Do you offer refreshment in the private zones?

Drink and a wine list is available at the wellness reception, where you can choose according to your taste upon arrival. Alternatively, refreshments can be ordered at any time during relaxation via the internal telephone line.

Where do dirty bathrobes, bath towels and slippers go?

We have a box for the return of dirty laundry In the changing rooms. You can throw the slippers in the trash.

What should I bring with me?

You practically don't need anything. You will get a bathrobe, a sheet, a bath towel and a slippers. Cosmetics, hairdryers and toiletries are available in the changing rooms.

You offer sauna cosmetics - what is it good for and how is it used?

Infinit cosmetics will make the sauna process more pleasant. The products have beneficial effects on the body and skin during the sauna session. Before applying the scrub, spread a sheet in the private sauna and then sit down on it. Apply peeling (salt, honey) to the moistened skin of your body while you are in the sauna cabin. After application, allow it to absorb into the skin for a few minutes, then perform a gentle full body massage to promote absorption of the active substances and to smooth the skin. As a part of the cooling process, thoroughly wash off any product residues with lukewarm water in the shower area.

I have an expired gift card. Is it possible to extend the validity?

Yes. We extend the vouchers by the maximum of 6 months after the original date of validity.

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